Who put the Sexy in Ntyce?

Founder / Creative Director - Malena S. Brooks

Hot, fierce, and passionate, Ms. Brooks is a published poet and spoken word artist who wants to share her erotic poetry with the world. Following one of her many performances, a member of the audience asked for her words and Ntyce Ntimate Greetings was conceived. She marries sensual verse with intimate images to arouse and entice.  

Writer / Photographer - Michael Jeffery

 This London Brit is a self proclaimed romantic soul with a warm heart, a sexy smile and a dirty mind. He weaves words to match the images in his mind and then takes aim to create with his camera. Check the back of that card...if it's signed - j - he's put his stamp on it.

Photographer - Amber Lewis

 Sexy and creative, Ms. Lewis has an eye for sensuality that translates to her photography. When she says action on set, heat happens. Salacious yet tasteful is always her professional goal.  


Strike a match and let the candles burn with the fire you make.